Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progress has been slow...

Just a quick update to share some photos as it has been ages since my last post. So far we have the garage roof up, raised platform in the theatre room, front door, downpipes, and the most exciting part (well for me at least), the stone benchtops for the kitchen and bathrooms!

It looks like things are moving really slowly now. Painting should have commenced already, but they still have not patched up some of the plasterwork. One of the plasties screwed up the plasterboards (photo below) and that needs to get fixed up before painting. So we're now just waiting, waiting, waiting....

We have been assigned with a new Site Supervisor and met up with him last week (it was the coldest morning in Melbourne ever; 2 degrees and everything was frosty!). Our previous SS left the company :( It was too bad as we were very happy with him.

Now for some photos:

We finally have the garage roof!

Downpipes are in

We now have a real front door

Sheet infills are in

Raised platform in the Theatre room

"Out of square, fix this"

Shelves are in

Prepped up the balcony for the tiles to go in

CaesarStone benchtops in the kitchen. Looking good!

It goes all the way down

CaesarStone benchtop in the powder room

CaesarStone benchtop in the ensuite

I hope my next post will be of painted walls! Till then.....have a good one!

- G&A


  1. Hi G&A, this bit of the build is certainly taking more time than getting to lock up. I suppose because it is more fiddley??

    Wow, how good do your bench tops look??? I bet you are wrapt with them.

    Our painter was missing for a while but he found out place eventually and it's coming together now. Hope your painter finds your house soon.


  2. Bench tops looking good????
    Bench tops looking FANTASTIC!!!!!
    Love your Kitchen...that raised bit behind the sink is a great idea ( to hide those dirty dishes! ) and I love how you have a window behind the stove. And those gorgeous glass and timber cavity sliders.....*sigh*.
    Hope that you had a great holiday and that your painter turns up soon,

  3. I LOVE your benchtops. I want to get black caesorstone aswell :)

  4. Those benchtops do look good indeed. I didn't expect the ones in the kitchen to be that thick.

    BelleBeau, your house is certainly moving very quickly! You have tiles already! I'm so very green at the moment! And boy do they look good!

    K and T, your home is certainly looking good. I love those chocolate bricks! We should have gone for darker bricks too, but too late for regrets now!

  5. Hey G&A,
    I know this is really, really late comment - but better late than never.

    I know you were concerned about how the kitchen benchtops were going to turn out. How great does the black and white look now??? It's absolutely stunning and it's great to read you're liking it.

    The raised platform in the theatre room is one of my favourite features. We were going to do that ourselves after handover, but there's no real point when our theatre room is crooked and leaking :(

    Looking forward to seeing painted walls in your next post.


  6. Hi G&A,
    The house looks great. I cant wait to come and see it for real one day!
    Love Queena

  7. Great blog article. Pictures are also nice. Thank you for sharing....